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A Corn Maze?  Hmmm….Please note: information for individual corn mazes was accurate as of Aug 27th.  Some of the links that were in question may well now have updated information available, okay?

Entrance to a corn maze commons

Entrance to a corn maze

Did you know that the first confirmed maze was the  Egyptian Labyrinth?

early maze planting commons

early maze planting

Did you know there are different types of mazes?  In fact, there are several!

Unicursal                           – Maze without branches. Sometimes called a circuit  maze.

Multicursal                           – Maze with branches and dead ends.

Blind                           Alley- Branch that is a dead end.

Island                           – Asection of the maze containing walls not connected to the external wall of the maze. Sometimes           referred to as a detached wall.

Theta                           – A type of maze composed of concentric circles.

Braid                           Maze – A type of maze with branches, but without dead ends. All branches loop back to other branches.

Perfect                           Maze – Maze with no islands or isolated sections.                           A perfect maze has only one solution.

Delta                           Maze – Maze consisting of interlocking triangles.

Plainair                           Maze – A maze on something other than a flat surface. For example, a maze painted on the outside of a cube or spere..


(more of this type information can be found at Museum of Unnatural History)


Did you ever wonder how mazes were laid out?  After so many of our followers expressed an interest in knowing more about local mazes, we went on the hunt for information!  After looking thru many sites, we finally decided to use this Halloween Attractions link for our basic information, as they addressed NC in particular, so many (not all, mind you, but most) of our details came from this site.

Above is a video clip we found on building mazes, which might be of interest if you want to try a small one  for Halloween, etc, on your own.  We have also included some links below for NC corn mazes.  We do want to note that we had done a series on these a while back, but found that several we had listed have since become obsolete..so at the top of the list are ones we know for sure have an opening this year, and where possible, we have included dates and the maze design.  Toward the bottom, we have added other mazes, however, with these we were unable to determine a date for opening, or in some cases if the maze was active for the 2013 season.  We have added in the link where possible, as it possibly may be that dates have just not been determined as of doing this post.  Both lists are alphabetical by town for convenience.


But first?  A little about what goes into building that tricky, confusing maze!

While researching mazes for this post, one thing we learned is that although some mazes are still done the old fashioned way, now several are laid out using a GPS system!  Oneof the benefits of using a GPS system is that an overlay of how the land lays can be incorporated into the design, a helpful aid especially for the larger mazes.I am going to post a few of the high points here..there is quite a lot more to building that maze than we ever realized!

So some of the high points:

5 acres for a maze is pretty general for a standard small maze..anything under that just doesn’t quite do it.

In NC, one reason that so many of our mazes do not start opening until around September is fear of heat exhaustion..this never occured to this admin, and I am sure many will also be surprised…the corn apparently cuts off the air flow, and with high temperatures and little, if any, air current, conditions can easily esculate to dangerous.  Many mazes keep watering stations thru-out the maze for this exact reason, and may also have soft drink or other beverage machines at both the entrance and the exit of the maze.

Another point we found interesting was well put by Tony Wohlgemuth, owner of Kersey Valley, INC.


“The size we have found to work best is a 10 acre maze that takes about 2 hours to solve. It is important that the game is challenging, but not to the point of being stressed out. Our motto is “Lost, Laughing and Lovin It”, not “Hot, Tired and Hating It”. ”

As to the actual planting of the corn, first the folks who handle this determine which type of corn is best for that particular region, and go from there.  Soil conditions are assessed, and for NC, apparently the best time to plant is considered late June/early July, in order to have full growth in time for maze opening dates.  The desired target is to have the corn reaching top height and heavy greenery before the first frost hits, and of course, a lot of attention is paid to fertilizing, etc, in order to reach that  maximum  height. The corn is generally harvested after the maze attraction closes for the year.

Although many of the smaller mazes can be cut with a lawn tractor, most of the larger ones are now cut with GPS, in order to have an exact design vs freehand.  A person with a GPS, after a design is selected, walks in front operating the GPS, with the tractor following behind to do the actual cutting.  Afterwards, the paths are smoothed out, and often are lined with orange caution tape to discourage folks from wandering off the path and possibly damaging the maze, some of which, if the design is a purchased design, can be very costly.

Below are the two lists we mentioned earlier, with the first list being the ones with an opening date already listed on their site.  We have also included a link to Pumpkin Patches and more, which had some links, and also a WRAL link which had a few listed.


Mrs. Ruths Farms

Sept 28-Oct 27


Eliada’s Fields of Fun: “Asheville Grown”

Sept 6-Oct 27th: weekends only


Kersey Valley Maize Adventure

Aug 31-Nov 2: weekends only: and please check for openings at link


Blue Ridge Corn Maze

*Open now


The Maize

Sept 14-Nov 2


Phillips Farm

September 20 (weekends only)


Green Acres

Opens Sept 14th


Clayton Fear Farm: “Marbles Kid Museum”

**special note: although Clayton will have the corn maze this year, they will not be offering the cotton maze, due to the amount of rain we have had in NC.

Oct 5-Oct 31st

Hubbs Corn Maze: “Prehistoric”

Sept 14-Nov 9th


Ashe County Corn Maze

Sept 21-Oct 27


Deal Farms Corn Maze


Ken’s Korny Corn Maze

Sept 14-Nov 10


Grandad’s Apples: “A Leaf”



Rural Hill Amazing Maize Maze

Sept 13-Nov 3rd


Country Days Corn Maze

Sept 27-Nov 3


High Rock Nursery Corn Maze: “Come Visit NC”

Sept 28-Oct 26th


Aw Shucks Corn Maze

Sept 13-Nov 17th


Gross Farms Corn Maze: “Farm Scene Investigation”

Opens Sept 21st


Shelby Corn Maze

Sept 14-Oct 27th


Regal Corn Maze

Opens Sept 21st


Miscellaneous resources for corn mazes:

Pumpkin Patches and More



The mazes listed below are separate, as we could not determine information for them..either unable to determine if they were doing a maze this year, what the dates were, or if they were even active, etc.  If there is one you are interested in, NC Culture suggests that you call the number listed at the link to determine information, okay?



Hector’s Creek Farm (could not determine a specific link for this one)


Naylor Family Farm


Brileys Farm Market


30 Acre Mule Farm


McKee’s Cedar Creek Farm


Come Get Lost


Fodder Trot Corn Maze (no link or FB page found at this time)


Brocks Berries


Jolley’s Family Fun Farm maze is  now obsolete: Please see below:

October: 2012

Sorry Folks, But there is no corn maze anymore. The bank would not restructure our loan when the balloon payment came due. So they now hold the property. It was fun while it lasted and we thank you all for your support! In Loving Memory…