Coastal Photo Roundup for June, 2015

Coastal Photo Roundup for June, 2015Welcome to our coastal photo roundup for June!  Here are the photos that followers showed the most appreciation for...hope you enjoy them! Allen Phelps Photography On Facebook You can also email Allen at the following:   Thomas Lee with Oak Island shrimper Damn Yankee Photography You can follow Thomas Lee on Facebook by clicking here.   Rick Anderson Photography On [more]

Dry Falls (Upper Cullasaja Falls) The "Honey Locust Place"

Dry Falls (Upper Cullasaja Falls) The   Dry Falls (aka Upper Cullasaja Falls)   Located near Highlands, NC,  Dry Falls is one waterfall that catches everyone's attention.  Not only is it outstandingly beautiful, the name "Dry Falls" often makes people curious as to the origin of the name.  In reality, the name Dry Falls actually refers to the fact that you can stand behind this waterfall and still remain dry (unless it is extremely high water flow..then [more]

Sliding Rock & Mingo Falls, NC

Sliding Rock & Mingo Falls, NC    Sliding Rock What can we say about Sliding Rock? How about 60 feet of pure fun! I can remember doing this one when I was in college at Western Carolina University..and boy, was that some COLD water! I decided on this video just because the music tickled me..hope you enjoy it It’s much different now, as improvements have been done , and even restrooms and showers are available. Plus, beginning [more]

Coastal Photo Roundup for May, 2015

Coastal Photo Roundup for May, 2015Barefoot Wanderings Photography On Facebook   The IMAGE Mill On Facebook Ocracoke Ocracoke, although an island, is part of Hyde County, NC, and is also known as the location of Blackbeard's death.     Sand Life Photography On Facebook Wild Horses of NC   Connie Evans Holden Beach   Matthew H Irvin Photographer/Writer On Facebook Cape Hatteras [more]