3 Simple Ways to Help

Some think you need deep pockets to be a charitable photographer. Trust me, I know how tight money can get working as a photographer, but there are powerful ways you can help even on a very tight budget!

1. The Power of Media – If you have a photo that is getting a lot of attention, whether it be on Facebook, Flickr, or through traditional media sources, attach a note along with the photo about how to help out a cause important to you. Recently, I shared a photo of a wintry scene on Facebook. With the photo, I told people how they can donate winter coats locally. I had several people message me thanking me for what I did because they wouldn’t have known about the coat drive otherwise. This cost me nothing, yet this simple act may be responsible for someone in need reeving a coat this winter. Be creative.

2. The Power of Your Time – Yes, I know. Time is money, but do you really need to watch your favorite TV show tonight? Donating your talent for photography just an hour a month can have a profound effect. Ask local non-profits if they can use your services. Animal shelters are always in need of a good photographs of the animals they wish to be adopted. Share your joy of photography by freely teaching others who to take pictures. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. No matter how busy you get, I’m sure you can find time to spare an hour or two a month bettering your community.

3. The Power of a Photograph – A photograph has the power to move people like nothing else. If there’s something happening in your community that you want people to know about, take a picture. Your photo might be just thing that will bring relief to a situation. Lack of awareness is a severe problem in this country, but a powerful image will not only grab people’s attention, it may inspire them to act!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Be sure to check back frequently for more simple suggestions.

If you have suggestions, please send them to: conatct@experiencetheacp.org  We may share them in the future with full credit.